Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Compliance and Review

EnSol assesses a site with regard to applicable regulatory frameworks, operating permits and approvals in order to determine whether a site is in compliance. Site inspections and facility operations monitoring are undertaken to determine compliance with local, state and/or federal requirements. Once an adequate information base has been established that characterizes operations at the facility, EnSol proposes facility improvements in a report format that clearly identifies cost savings associated with each modification or improvement identified. Some of our clients refer to us as 'efficiency experts,' as we have made numerous cost-effective improvements at many solid waste management facilities. EnSol firmly believes that, with our inspections and reviews, a facility can be run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Brownfields Redevelopment

EPA defines Brownfields as abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.

EnSol is expertly qualified to provide clients with Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Brownfield clean-up capability to assist communities in revitalizing such properties, both environmentally and economically. The major components of a Brownfield ESA are Site Investigation (SI) and Remedial Alternatives Report (RAR) for the Proposed Remedial Action Plan.

Site Investigation/RAR Workplan
  • Records Review and Interviews, Site Reconnaissance
  • Develop and Fulfill SI/RAR Workplan Objectives
  • Evaluation & Report
  • Develop Alternatives and Analysis of Alternatives

The purpose of this Brownfield Site Assessment is to identify, to the extent feasible per Standard Practice guidelines, recognized environmental conditions in connection with real property. The Records Review, Site Reconnaissance, and Interviews are used in concert with each other to provide a comprehensive history of site conditions and identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC). The Site Investigation will provide sufficient information to fulfill the workplan objectives and make a preliminary identification of potential remedial alternatives. Additionally, the SI will further define the study area of the SI/RAR and perform a Health and Environmental Risk Assessment as necessary.

The second component of Brownfield assessment performed by EnSol is: Remedial Alternatives Report
  • Work Plan Development
  • Investigative Functions
  • Evaluation and Reporting of Activities
  • Presentation of Findings and Conclusions

The objective of Remedial Alternatives Report is to evaluate the RECs identified in the Site Investigation. The RAR will include descriptions of the site, the nature and extent of contamination as well as a discussion on identification and development of alternatives, a detailed analysis of alternatives with individual and comparative analysis.

Based on the findings of the SI/RA Report, a Proposed Remedial Action Plan (PRAP) can be prepared by EnSol, or a regulatory agency, which summarizes the proposed remedy for the property.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

The purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Transaction Screen Process is to identify, to the extent feasible per Standard Practice Guidelines, recognized environmental conditions in connection with real property. EnSol performs Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for clients who seek to sell or endeavor to purchase lands and/or facilities for commercial use.

The four major components of a Phase I ESA are records review, site reconnaissance, interviews and evaluation and report. To identify the environmental risk associated with a site prior to a property transfer these audits generally include a site visit, research into the present and past uses of the site with regard to activities that may have resulted in contamination, investigation of the site regulatory history as well as collection and analysis of any available analytical data. Based on these activities, EnSol will make a recommendation regarding any suspected presence or sources of potential contamination or Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) associated with the site. EnSol brings its professional experience to the forefront in providing clients with timely and accurate information gathered from this assessment procedure.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

The objective of conducting a Phase II ESA is to sample and evaluate the Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) identified in the Phase I ESA or Transaction Screen Process. Simply stated, a Phase II ESA is used to develop sufficient information regarding a site to meet the business objectives of the user and to provide sufficient data to assist the user in making informed business decisions.

EnSol is expertly qualified to provide clients with Phase II Site Assessment services. The components of a Phase II ESA are workplan development, site investigation activities, evaluation and presentation of data, and presentation of findings and conclusions. Our goal is to develop information from which a professional opinion can be rendered that, with respect to the RECs investigated, hazardous substances have not been disposed or released at the property, thereby satisfying the innocent purchaser defense under CERCLA as to those recognized environmental conditions.

Contract Negotiations and Evaluations

In order to complement the financial planning and modeling services rendered, EnSol will act as an agent for the client, or simply act in a review capacity to ensure that the client's best interests are conveyed through contract negotiations. EnSol has a proven record of combining individuals' separate interests into a collective agreement that not only benefits the group as a whole, but more importantly, protects our clients’ interests and investment while reducing risks. EnSol identifies possible 'show stoppers' early on in any deal and appropriately circumvents these possible hindrances. EnSol directs attorneys and heads up legal project management to ensure that our clients remain in control of their projects. Whether we act proactively in protecting our clients’ best interests, or in a technical support or advisory role, EnSol's experience minimizes project implementation costs through enhanced project and legal management.

Waste Classification and Disposal

With more than twenty years of actual operating experience, EnSol staff are poised to assist in the correct classification and review of solid, commercial or industrial waste streams that may be either acceptable, hazardous, unauthorized or unacceptable depending on particular circumstances and regulatory settings. Our certified personnel reviews spill reports, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), consulting engineers' findings, laboratory analytical reports, and manufacturers' data to confirm that the material is compatible with the facility and operating permit. In the absence of data, EnSol directs laboratories to perform specific analyses that will reduce laboratory analytical costs and streamline the waste acceptance procedure. This allows for a more timely response to those requiring services in managing the waste appropriately. In the absence of a waste acceptance protocol in place, we develop a screening process for our clients.

Environmental Monitoring and Sampling

EnSol provides complete soil, groundwater, and surface water sampling services, air monitoring services, and environmental oversight services in support of site assessments, remedial investigations and cleanups, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) plans, and Site Management Plans (SMP’s).

Sites where environmental monitoring and sampling have been conducted at include brownfield developments, active, inactive, and historic landfills, industrial facilities, environmental restoration sites, remediation sites, and Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) sites.

We also provide related services such as supervision of monitoring well installation and abandonment, hazardous waste inventory and sampling, and tank sampling and supervision of tank removal and disposal. EnSol also maintains professional relationships with numerous local and regional analytical laboratories.

EnSol has extensive environmental monitoring and sampling experience for a variety of clients including, but not limited to:

  • Benderson Development Company
  • ReEnergy Holdings, LLC
  • Steelfields, LTD
  • CWM Chemical Services, LLC
  • Modern Corporation
  • Town of Tonawanda
  • American Rock Salt Company
  • American Remediation Solutions and Environmental Corporation (ARSEC)
  • WeCare Organics, Inc.
  • Buffalo Truck Center, Inc.

Asbestos, Lead and Mold Services

EnSol maintains a current Asbestos Handling License with the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) and EnSol employees hold current NYSDOL Inspector, Designer, and Management Planner Asbestos Safety Training certificates. Cumulatively, these professionals can execute any scope of work requiring asbestos surveys, sampling, reporting, remediation design, and the preparation of asbestos operation & maintenance (O&M) plans.

Additionally, EnSol’s affiliated company, The Environmental Service Group (NY), Inc. (ESG), also maintains a current Asbestos Handling License with the NYSDOL. Accordingly, the two affiliated companies (EnSol/ESG) are prepared to provide a wide variety of asbestos related services ranging from initial surveys and sampling to complete removal and remediation.

EnSol also provides limited lead and mold inspections using industry accepted procedures. Ensol, Inc. has provided asbestos, lead, or mold inspection services for a variety of clients including, but not limited to:

  • Travelers Insurance
  • Benderson Development Company
  • McGuire Development Company
  • General Mills
  • Modern Corporation
  • Miranda Properties
  • Town of Lewiston
  • Town of Tonawanda
  • Treibacher Schleifmittel

Radiation Surveys & Monitoring

EnSol offers Radiation Monitoring and Survey services to our clients, either as a standalone service, or a complement to our other services. EnSol maintains an assortment of Radiation Monitoring equipment for most any situation, and has the capability of providing a one or multiple person(s) survey crew depending on project needs. Along with the monitoring and survey services, EnSol has professional engineering, environmental, and Health and Safety expertise to provided expanded services when needed.

We also provide related services such as program development, training, site investigations, supervision of monitoring well installation and abandonment, hazardous waste inventory and sampling, and waste disposal. EnSol maintains relationships with numerous local and regional analytical laboratories to handle specialty testing needs in support of these services.

Typical tasks executed by EnSol during a Radiation Monitoring or Survey project include:

  • Establishing background levels for the site
  • Site Wide or Focused Area Survey Sweep
  • Recording measurements obtained during operations
  • Delineation of possible areas of concern
  • Sampling and Identification of Radioactive Isotopes
  • Site Plan Development
  • Report Development, Review with Client, and Final Submittal

EnSol, Inc. has provided monitoring and surveying services for a variety of clients including, but not limited to:

  • National Fuel Gas Company
  • Benderson Development Company
  • CWM Chemical Services, LLC.
  • Modern Corporation
  • PerOxy Chem
  • The Environmental Service Group
  • Erie County Medical Center
  • Residential Owners

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