Construction Services

Bid Document Preparation

EnSol develops conceptual and construction drawings and specifications for any solid waste management facility construction projects. EnSol works closely with our clients to incorporate special design or material considerations into bid specifications. Once approved, the bid document packages can be submitted to one or several contractors with whom we have developed a business relationship, or, the packages can be submitted to potential bidders of our clients’ choice. EnSol manages the time-consuming and often-cumbersome challenge of putting projects out for tender, and reviews the submittals to ensure that they meet the criteria specified in the bid packages.

Construction Management

Construction management and contracting services are provided to facility owners/developers who do not possess the staff necessary to effectively manage and control facility construction operations and costs. Project management involving the client, regulatory agencies, contractors, sub-contractors and material vendors is undertaken to complete the project. EnSol coordinates all contractor activities to ensure timely completion of the project within budget constraints and in accordance with design specifications and regulatory requirements. EnSol manages any problems that may arise to ensure that the outcome is to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Through project meetings and correspondence, our clients are provided with detailed reports regarding all construction activities associated with the timely and cost-effective completion of construction.

Construction Inspection and Certification Services

Qualified, experienced representatives of EnSol are on-site to observe, inspect and document construction activities ranging from landfill liner placement to concrete and soil placement to tank installations. To ensure that all work done is in accordance with agency-approved project specifications, the findings of daily inspections will be used to develop a Certification Report. Certification Reports are prepared under the direction of a licensed Professional Engineer and submitted to regulatory agencies for review and subsequent approval. Documenting each stage of construction, the Certification Report includes daily inspection logs and photo diaries produced during construction, detailing the conditions of the job site, weather conditions on site, personnel involved, materials and equipment utilized, results of testing performed, QA/QC procedures utilized, and any necessary field modifications made during the course of construction.

Environmental Remediation

EnSol, Inc. provides remediation for sites requiring environmental clean-up. Our comprehensive approach to cleaning contaminated surroundings is economically efficient and environmentally sound.

EnSol’s remediation capabilities include:
  • Work Plan Development
  • Interaction with Regulatory Agencies
  • Investigative Activities
  • Field Engineering and Construction Management
  • Certification
  • Tank Assessments, Registration and Remediation
Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives Including:
  • Soil Removal / Disposal
  • In-situ Remediation
  • Soil Washing and/or Thermo Treatment
  • Site Backfill and Reclamation
  • Tank Removal and Closure
  • Groundwater Collection and Treatment
  • Barrier Installation

EnSol assists our clients to understand the myriad of requirements that regulatory agencies place on aboveground and underground storage tanks. EnSol is involved with the planning, design and installation of new tanks, and assessment, registration and removal of existing tanks. Whether adding, removing or replacing, EnSol has a tank management strategy that is right for our clients’ sites. EnSol applies 'hands-on' management of storage tanks, maintains compliance with local, state and federal regulations, ascertains compliance with leak detection, overfill protection and tank monitoring, as well as determines day-to-day operational requirements. EnSol will do the whole job, from preliminary tank specification, to removal and disposal, and final certification of job completion in accordance with applicable regulatory guidelines and requirements. EnSol certifies the integrity of underground storage tank installations through our tank certification criteria.

Cost-effective remediation projects require a working approach with the contractor, owner and regulators. Our team is experienced in operating with a host of owners (both municipal and private) in coordinating and executing cost effective remediation programs.

Managing small and large remediation projects requires the attention of skilled environmental professionals. We ensure with proper documentation and certification that your site has been certified clean.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Preparation of Health and Safety Plans (HASPs)
  • Oversight during construction for OSHA compliance and worker safety
  • Documentation and perimeter air monitoring and sampling
  • Soil screening and analytical sampling

Land Surveying

  • Construction stakeout
  • Topographic surveys and mapping
  • Volume and quantity calculations
  • 3-dimensional model development
  • Site Monumentation and Control
  • GPS Mapping and Surveys
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