Financial Planning and Analysis

Market Research and Analysis

The waste industry is in a continuous evolutionary process. Wherever located, EnSol can perform market research specific to our clients’ needs. Landfills, transfer stations and every other solid waste management facility will at one time or another, find themselves depending on information related to market conditions. Whether seeking to expand or diversify, EnSol can help tailor facility decision-making objectives to take advantage of current, ever-changing market conditions. The identification of greater revenue-generating opportunities will allow for increased throughput. Findings can be delivered either in report form or presentation. Either way, EnSol assists our clients to plan and strategize, taking full advantage of the market and increasing our clients’ bottom line

Financial Planning and Modeling

In conjunction with performing market research and analyses, EnSol is capable of developing long-term financial steering and development plans. EnSol will determine how long it will take to pay for improvements to facilities, or to make returns on recently acquired facilities given modifications to operating procedures. John Battaglia, P.E., founder of EnSol, holds an MBA from the University of Buffalo and has aided both private and public sector facility operators and owners in the responsible fiscal management and resource allocation required to help ensure the long-term viability of the facility.

Planning and Analysis Services

  • Facility Detailed Cost/Planning Models
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Regional Economic Planning Models
  • Operational Cost Control Systems
  • Differential Cost Analysis
  • Disposal Alternatives
  • Long-Term Facility Planning
  • Recycling/Materials Recovery Analysis
  • Closure/Post-Closure Funding
  • Liability Analysis
  • Asset Management

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